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Communications solutions for airlines and airports


Over 250 airports, airlines and ground handling service providers worldwide now rely on communications solutions from CeoTronics. As the innovation leader in the area of ground-to-cockpit communication, CeoTronics offers professional solutions for scenarios where perfect voice transmission is essential.

Our broad spectrum of products covers communications systems for ramp handling, push-back, de-icing, cockpit and maintenance. CeoTronics also offers specialized communications solutions for airport fire and security services.

High-tech to match the demands of extreme airport conditions


Whether in freezing mid-winter, under a scorching desert sun, in rain or in snow: aircraft have to be refueled, loaded, de-iced, maintained or marshaled around the clock. CeoTronics communications systems have never heard of “unsuitable” weather: They are developed and manufactured so as to be able to defy any adverse weather conditions or extremes of climate with utmost reliability. As the saying goes: there’s no such thing as bad weather – just poor equipment.