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CT-DECT Systems

CT-DECT: Digital, duplex radio system


In the area of industrial manufacturing, there are many situations where personnel need to be able to rely on secure, duplex-mode communication channels. For these applications in particular, the CT-DECT system offers innovative options for short-range duplex communication. By providing a reliable means of speaking and listening simultaneously, it can considerably simplify the work involved in complex production processes.

The digital duplex system can be permanently installed as CT-DECT Conference, and offers permanent multi-way comms for up to eight people (e.g. members of an installation team) even in its standard configuration.

The mobile variant is the CT-DECT Case: technically identical, this digital duplex radio system is installed in a weatherproof case and can thus be used anywhere it is required. CT-DECT systems can also be used to extend – or even replace – the intercom systems typically found in a factory setting.

Also free of licensing, fees and registration, it is available for all CT-DECT users with GSM or a radio connection.