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Research & Development

A total of 17 engineers and 6 technicians work on development and modifications for CeoTronics AG and CT-Video GmbH at our sites in Germany. A total of 5 engineers (two at CT-Video GmbH) also work in our field/office sales units and at the corporate officer level to ensure competence, excellent consultancy quality and an optimum flow of information into the technical units.

Group expenditure on research and development amounted to € 1,653K for the 2016 / 2017 fiscal year (of which
€ 357K for CT-Video GmbH) and represents 8,4% of Group turnover.

Key investments to date include:

• an in-house TETRA cell
• expansions to the Acoustic Lab
• an EMC measuring facility with G-TEM cell
• an ESD measuring facility
• a cable testing unit
• an IP test rig
• a climatic chamber for temperature and humidity simulations

Together with its acoustic measurement head (artificial head from Bruel and Kjaer), CeoTronics is admirably equipped to handle future challenges.