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CT-EarGuard System

CT-Service: Testing of individual earpieces


With CT-EarGuard, the mobile sound insulation measurement system for QA testing of individual ear adapters, CeoTronics offers its customers a practical service.

CT-EarGuard can be used by the CT Technical Team or customers themselves to make rapid checks to verify that the level of ambient noise protection for a send / receive system is met in each case.

The innovative measurement system is oriented on a guideline published by the German employer’s liability insurance associations, who recommend regular testing – not only on delivery, but also at intervals of one to two years.

Rapidly checking for a perfect fit
The CT-EarGuard system was designed for mobile use and enables the simple, rapid measurement of the sound insulation provided by molded earpieces, earmuff-style hearing protectors and noise protection headgear via a user-friendly software interface. Before measurement, which takes place in a diffuse noise excitation field, each molded ear protector is calibrated before undergoing a fit test. As a result, CT-EarGuard produces highly accurate measurement results, especially for high frequencies.

This simultaneous differential sound level measurement of the left and right molded earpiece enables a perfect fit. This means the system is perfect for rapidly checking a large number of molded earpieces.

Simple data management using barcodes
Data management for CT-EarGuard was developed with the aim of achieving the rapid, simple and secure entry of data.

New and certified
PPE certification becomes valid only once proof has been provided of the “fit test”, i.e. that the respective individual otoplastic provides a level of sound insulation in accordance with EN 352-2.