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Communications systems for industry, energy and logistics


CeoTronics communications systems have a wide range of appli­cations and fulfill the individual requirements of many sectors of industry, including mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, paper production or the aviation and aerospace industries. Almost all major European electricity producers, oil-drilling platforms and refineries rely on products from CeoTronics. CeoTronics radio communications systems have also been successfully deployed for wind turbine plant installation, by service and heavy haulage companies and for pro-level sporting events (motorsport, sailing, etc.).

Greater efficiency and work safety for business processes, installation and service

CeoTronics audio, video and data products make business processes more effective, ensure seamless communication and improve levels of work safety in difficult environmental and mission conditions – such as noisy or hazardous areas, scenarios requiring protective clothing or helmets, or situations where it is essential that both hands are left free to work.