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Research & Development

A total of 23 employees work for CeoTronics AG and CT-Video GmbH in hardware and software development at our facilities in Germany. Four of our 26 engineers also work in our field/office sales teams and as company officers to ensure competence, high-quality customer advice and an optimum flow of information into our technical units.

Group expenditure on research and development amounted to € 1,758K for the 2017 / 2018 fiscal year (of which € 352K for CT-Video GmbH) and represents 10,0% of Group turnover.

Key investments to date include:

• an in-house TETRA cell               • an Acoustic Lab
• an EMC measuring facility with G-TEM cell • an ESD measuring facility
• a cable testing unit • an IP test rig
• a climatic chamber for temperature and humidity simulations • a pressure chamber

We are currently working on expanding our acoustic laboratory so that we can carry out subjective hearing protection measurements.