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The following information is intended for investors who are able to assess and to take possible increased risks in connection with investing in shares of CeoTronics AG. In any case, this information does not constitute an offer to sell the shares of the corporation, this information is also not an offer to purchase or subscribe for shares of CeoTronics AG.

The shares of CeoTronics AG are not included or traded on the official or regulated market. The company's shares are listed on the Basic Board of Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This is a part of the Open Market (Regulated Unofficial Market). We emphasize that the Europe wide standardized high transparency requirements and strict safeguards for investors of the organized markets are not binding on the Open Market.

The following information may contain forward-looking statements that reflect the current views of the Board of CeoTronics AG in time of publication. The statements are made in good faith and based on the then current plans, estimates, forecasts and expectations of the company. Therefore, they are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual deviates from the expected development. The forward-looking statements are only valid at the time of publication and cannot be guaranteed. CeoTronics AG assumes no obligation against the public to publicly update or to correct any forward-looking statements. This does not affect the duty of the company to fulfill their legal disclosure and reporting requirements.

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